Morocco – that all who seek the Lord may find Him

From a believer living in Morocco

People seem very hopeless, but one website had several million hits of people searching for truth. An advertisement offering prayer got thousands of responses with people sending prayer requests. Hundreds of people are attending a weekly virtual worship service. People are coming to faith and gathering in the midst of fear of economic despair!

A serious drought and hail storms have also destroyed many cash crops.  The economic situation is very disparaging, with many villages having no access to water even in the midst of a scorching summer.

Strict lockdown lifted after 3 months. But with borders still closed and travel restrictions between cities, the tourism industry is at a standstill.  The government is making efforts to pay those in the tourism sector until the end of 2020, but civil unrest is in the air as fears and frustrations mount. There is much confusion about how to claim the government money (and who can claim it). There is also chaos related to schools.  Pray for wisdom for all government officials, especially in health and education.