Mozambique – households leading the way in worship

From a Christian worker in Mozambique

This has been a very challenging year so far. After all the devastation and disruption of the cyclone last year, many in Mozambique began the year struggling to survive. Sadly, with the arrival of coronavirus and the subsequent restrictions, life has again been severely disrupted.

The Church

Prior to Covid-19, many people depended on the local church for their spiritual sustenance. Activities happened ‘in church’ with members taking a somewhat passive role. Now, forced by circumstances, many are finding that they can hear God too! Heads of households are providing short Bible studies, worship services and prayers for family and neighbours. A number of Discovery Bible Studies have sprung up, using cell phones to communicate studies via sms to help people to grow spiritually and learn to hear God’s voice when reading the Scriptures.

Local churches have been closed since the first State Of Emergency was declared in March. In order to reopen now, each church must fulfil a list of 16 criteria and undergo an inspection. It is proving very difficult for most churches to meet these criteria.

Please pray:

  • that every believer will grow in their ability to communicate spiritual truth
  • that household leaders will be diligent in seeking God and preparing material for their families.
  • that church leaders will find a godly solution to be able to open churches again.


Witchcraft, Animism, Ancestral Worship and Islam are all very strong in Mozambique. Where Christians are in the minority in a family, and churches are closed, there has been a significant rise in families pressurizing the believers to return to traditional religions.

Please pray:

  • that these believers will stay strong in their faith, resisting the pressure of family, and instead be the light of Christ in a dark situation.
  • for their protection, and that their families will come to Christ.

Terrorism in the North

In the North of the country, in Cabo Delgado Province, 250,000 people have been displaced due to the on-going terrorist activities and attacks. Such huge numbers of people fleeing their homes has overwhelmed neighbouring towns and vastly increased the risk of spreading the virus.

Please pray:

  • for a godly solution, for the cessation of violence, and for lasting peace for this area
  • for all those caught up in the double challenges of terrorism AND Covid-19.

Your prayers for all of the above would be greatly appreciated, thank you!