ABUA Asociación Bíblica Universitaria Argentina
ABWE Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
ACET AIDS Care Education and Training
ACMC Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment
ACTEA Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa
AD Anno Domini
AE Africa Enterprise
AEA Association of Evangelicals of Africa
AEE African Evangelistic Enterprise
AfAsLA Africa, Asia and Latin America
AFES Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
AFM Anglican Frontier Missions
AFM Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (in Southern African contexts)
AFM Apostolic Faith Mission (USA, emerged from Azusa Street Revival)
AGR Annual Growth Rate
AICs Africa Inland Church (AIM denomination)
AICs African Independent Churches (or African Initiated Churches)
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIM Africa Inland Mission
AMAA Armenian Missionary Association of America
AMG AMG International (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel)
AMI Alliance Missionnaire Internationale (Swiss agency)
AMTB Associação de Missões Transculturais Brasileiras
AoG Assemblies of God
AOI Asian Outreach International
APC Austrian Prayer Congress
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ATEM Association for Theological Education in Myanmar
AWM Arab World Ministries
AWR Adventist World Radio
BAO Biblische Ausbildung am Ort (Bible Training on Location)
BBI Back to the Bible International
BCC/s Bible correspondence course/s
BCM Bible Centred Ministries International
BEA Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance
BEM Belgian Evangelical Mission
BIEM Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries
BILD Biblical Institute for Leadership Development
BIM Baptist International Missions
BIOT British Indian Ocean Territories
BJP Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian political party)
BLB Bibellesebund, German branch of Scripture Union
BMB Believers from a Muslim Background
BMM Baptist Mid-Missions
BMS Baptist Missionary Society
BTCP Bible Training Centers for Pastors
BTJ Back to Jerusalem Movement
CAMI Central America Mission International/Camino Global
CAN Comunidad Andina (Andean Community of Nations)
CAPRO Calvary Ministries (formerly Calvary Productions)
CAR Central African Republic
CARE Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CB Christian Brethren
CBA Christian Booksellers Association
CBIM Canadian Baptist International Ministries
CBN Christian Broadcasting Network
CCCC Christian Churches/Churches of Christ
CCK Christian Council of Korea
CEF Child Evangelism Fellowship
CENCAMI Centro de Capacitación Misionera (Missionary Training Centre)
CFAN Christ for all Nations
CFI Christian Friends of Israel
CIA Central Intelligence Agency (of the US government)
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CLC Christian Literature Crusade
CLTC Christian Leaders Training College (of PNG)
CIM China Inland Mission (now OMF)
CIPEP Corporación Instituto para la Educación Pastoral
CMA Christian & Missionary Alliance
CMF/CMFI Christian Missionary Foundation (International)
CMML Christian Mission in Many Lands
CMS Church Mission Society
CNA Catholic News Agency
CNI Church of North India
COCM Chinese Overseas Christian Mission
CoG Church of God
CoN Church of the Nazarene
COMIBAM Congreso Misionero IberoAmericano
COMIMEX Cooperación Misionera de México
CPA Catholic Patriotic Association (of PRC)
CPM Chosen People Ministries
CRWM Christian Reformed World Mission (now Resonate Global Mission)
CSI Church of South India
CVJM Christlicher Verein junger Menschen, German branch of YMCA
CW Crossworld
CWI Christian Witness to Israel
DAI Development Associates International
DAWN Discipling A Whole Nation
DCPI Dynamic Church Planting International
DR Dominican Republic
DRC Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-DRC)
DTS Discipleship Training School
EA Evangelical Alliance
EB Evangelical Education for Austria
EBM Evangelical Baptist Missions
EBO Evangelical Education for Austria
ECC Église du Christ au Congo (DRC)
ECF ECF International (Evangelize China Fellowship Incorporated)
ECI Evangelical Church of India
ECM European Christian Mission
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECWA Evangelical Church of West Africa
EE Evangelism Explosion
EEC European Economic Community
EET Églises Évangéliques du Tchad
EHC Every Home for Christ
EoS Echoes of Service
EPA Protestant Church of Algeria
EPEG Église Protestante Évangélique de Guinee (CMA)
ESL English as a Second Language
ESV English Standard Version (of the Bible)
EU European Union
EVAK Evangelical Academy of Austria
EVCN Evangelical Church of Vietnam
FCBH Faith Comes By Hearing
FEBA FEBA (radio broadcasting)
FEBC Far Eastern Broadcasting Corporation
FFM Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims
FLET Facultad Latinamericano de Estudios Teologicos
FLM Finnish Lutheran Mission
FM frequency modulation
FMPB Friends Missionary Prayer Band
FOCUS Fellowship Of Christian Unions (IFES Kenya)
fSU former Soviet Union
FTT Finishing the Task
GBU Groupes Bibliques Universitaires (IFES in French-speaking countries)
GDOP Global Day of Prayer
GDP Gross Domestic Product (excluding imports and exports)
GEM Greater Europe Mission
GEMS Gospel Echoing Missionary Society
GFA Gospel for Asia
GGWO Greater Grace World Outreach
GIA Armed Islamic Group (Algeria)
GLO Gospel Literature Outreach
GMF Global Mission Frontier
GMI Global Mapping International
GNP Gross National Product (including imports and exports)
GRN Global Recordings Network
GSCC Good Shepherd Community Church (Indian church network)
GU Global University (formerly ICI and Berean)
HCJB Voice of the Andes missionary radio station
HDI Human Development Index
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HK Hong Kong
HM Hellenic Ministries
IBRA International Broadcasting Association
IBT Institute for Bible Translation
ICFG International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
IDPs Internally-displaced peoples
IEM India Evangelical Mission
IEP Iglesia Evangélica Peruana (Peruvian Evangelical Church)
IFES International Fellowship of Evangelical Students
IHOP International House of Prayer
IJM International Justice Mission
IMA India Missions Association
IMB International Missionary Board (of the Southern Baptist Convention)
IMF International Monetary Fund
IPC International Prayer Connect
ISI International Students, Inc
IT Information Technology
IVCF InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
JAARS JAARS (from Jungle Aviation And Radio Service)
JEA Japan Evangelical Association
JFJ Jews for Jesus
JmeM Jugend mit einer MIssion, German branch of Youth With A Mission
JP/JPL Joshua Project List
JW/JWs Jehovah’s Witness/es
KAR Kurdish Autonomous Region (Iraq)
KBC Korea Baptist Convention
KEB Kinderevangelisationsbewegung, German branch of Child Evangelism Fellowship
KEHC Korea Evangelical Holiness Church
KEL (Radio) Kereke ea Evangelic Lesotho (Evangelical Church in Lesotho)
KHC Kale Heywet Church (SIM-originated in Ethiopia)
KIMON Kinderhulp Mondiaal (Dutch agency – ‘Child Support Worldwide’)
KMCBM Korea Methodist Church Board of Missions
LAM Latin America Mission
LBT Lutheran Bible Translators
LCMS Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
LCWE Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization
LEAF Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland
LETRA Latinoamericanos en Traducción y Alfabetización (Argentine translation ministry)
LHM Lutheran Hour Ministries
LL Latin Link
LM/LMI Liebenzell Mission
LMS London Missionary Society
LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
LRA Lord’s Resistance Army
MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship
MANI Movement for African National Initiatives
MBB/s Muslim-background believer/s
MCC Mennonite Central Committee
MECO Middle East Christian Outreach
MEDAF Médicaments pour L’Afrique
ME, M East Middle East
MEA Mongolia Evangelical Alliance
Mercosur Mercado Común del Sur/Sul (Southern Common Market)
MERN Mission Évangélique Réformée Néerlandaise (Dutch Reformed Church mission, Guinea)
MIES Mision Internacional El Shaddai
MK/s Missionary kid/s (children raised in a missionary family)
MOHABAT Love (in Hindi)
MT Messianic Testimony
MVI Missionary Ventures International
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreements
NASB New American Standard Version (of the Bible)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCR National Capital Region
NE North East
NGK Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk (“Dutch Reformed Church”)
NGM New Generation Music
NGO/s Non-governmental Organization/s
NIEA New India Evangelistic Association
NT New Testament
NTM New Tribes Mission (now also called Ethnos360)
NW North West
NYC New York City
NZ New Zealand
OAC Open Air Campaigners International
OAIC Organization of African Initiated Churches
OC/OCI One Challenge International
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OM Operation Mobilisation
OMF Overseas Missionary Fellowship
OMS One Mission Society
ORTA A Russian language TEE ministry
OSM Österreichische Studentenmission (“Austrian Student Mission”)
OT Old Testament
OW Operation World
PACLA Pan African Christian Leadership Assembly
PBT Pioneer Bible Translators
PC (T-hap) Presbyterian Church (Tong-hap)
PERKANTAS Persekutuan Kristen Antar Universitas (IFES Indonesia)
PLA Peoples’ Liberation Army (of PRC)
PMI Pueblos Musulmanes Internacional (Muslim Peoples International)
PNG Papua New Guinea
POW Prisoner of War
PRC People’s Republic of China
PWO Persian World Outreach
RAIM Red de Apoyo Integral al Misionero (Integral Missionary Support Network)
REMAR Remar Charity (Rehabilitation of people on the margins of society)
RETO Rehabilitacion de Toxicomanos (Rehabilitation of Drug Dependents)
SAM South American Mission (formerly South American Indian Mission)
SAMS Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders
SARS Severe acute respiratory syndrome
SEAN Study by Extension to All Nations
SEANET South East Asia Network
SEND SEND International (not an acronym), a 1971 merger of Far Eastern Gospel Crusade and Cental Alaskan Mission
SFC Student for Christ
SGA Slavic Gospel Association
SGM SGM Lifewords
SIB Sidang Injil Borneo (“Borneo Gospel Assembly”)
SIL SIL International (was Summer Institute of Linguistics)
SIM formerly Sudan Interior Mission
SE South East
SPLA Sudan People’s Liberation Army, now called South Sudan People’s Defence Forces
SS South-south (Central Southern area of Nigeria)
SSEC South Seas Evangelical Church
SU Scripture Union
SW Southwest
TAR Tibet Autonomous Region
TB Tuberculosis
TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network
TE Team Expansion
TEAM The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TEE Theological Education by Extension
TEKAN The Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria
TESOL/TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
TIEF Taiwan Industry Gospel Fellowship
TLM The Leprosy Mission
TSPM/CCC Three Self Patriotic Movement/China Christian Council
TWR TransWorld Radio
UAE United Arab Emirates
UBF University Bible Fellowship
UBS United Bible Societies
UCB United Christian Broadcasters International
UEEB Union des Églises Évangélique du Benin
UFM Unevangelised Fields Mission (now United for Mission/Crossworld)
UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UMC United Methodist Church
UN United Nations
US, USA United States of America
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USCWM US Center for World Mission
UWM United World Mission
VIMAB Burkina Faso Assemblies of God missionary sending body
VUSH Vellazeria Ungjillore e Shqiperise (Albanian Evangelical Alliance)
WBT Wycliffe Bible Translators
WCB World Christian Broadcasting
WCC World Council of Churches
WCD World Christian Database
WCE World Christian Encyclopedia
WEA World Evangelical Alliance
WEC Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ
WGM World Gospel Mission
WH World Horizons
WOI World Outreach International
WT World Team
WTO World Trade Organization
WV / WVI World Vision (International)
WWI, WWII World War I, World War II
YFC Youth For Christ
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
YWAM Youth with a Mission

Content taken or adapted from Operation World, 7th Edition (2010) and Pray for the World (2015). Both books are published by InterVarsity Press. All rights reserved.