Liberia – Covid-19 in the shadow of Ebola

From a Liberian pastor and denominational leader

1. Liberia’s economy has gone from bad to worse in recent years. The damage done to the economy by the prolonged civil war, the deadly Ebola epidemic, and now COVID-19 is unimaginably immense. Over majority of the population lives on one meal a day ($1.50). COVID-19 is making a bad situation even worse .

2. Liberia’s healthcare system can not withstand anything on the scale of COVID-19, having previously crumbled easily (without recovery) under the weight of Ebola (2014 – 2016). The virus reached us late (March 16); there’s a nervous expectation that it could accelerate. If it does, it would be a repeat of Ebola plus more.

3. Liberia’s vice president, Jewel Howard Taylor, has been seriously ill with breathing difficulties since the beginning of the week, and was tested for COVID-19. The result came back positive on Tuesday. She was flown to Ghana for better treatment.

4. With a broken health system and all attention on combating COVID-19, other diseases are claiming lives as shortage of medical drugs/supplies and a crippling economy keep the sick from getting access to live saving treatment.

5. The Church, already battling many challenges, needs wisdom and guidance as we aim to demonstrate the love of God in a tangible way in the midst of this crisis. 

6. A good piece of Liberia’s economic woes can also be attributed to bad governance. We need leaders with good leadership.

We need God’s intervention, and we kindly request that you remember us in your prayers.