Lesotho – meeting on the mountain tops to pray

From our contact at an indigenous mission organisation in Lesotho

The situation in Lesotho is dire, following the current lockdown, many businesses are closed or forced to operate at limited capacity. Thus many people have lost their means of living, causing families to go without food for days sometimes. Churches are also on 100% restriction. Covid-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and hopelessness, especially in view of our country’s lack of resources and the government’s unpreparedness to deal with this pandemic.

Many people do not trust the health authorities and what our health system has to offer. Conspiracy theories, and/or lack of or questionable information from authorities, also continue to fuel the otherwise volatile situation. People have opted to either surrender to the situation and suffer silently, or to stubbornly go against some of the government’s restrictions, in desperate bid to put bread on the table; and this is setting many on a collision course with the authorities.

Many believers in Lesotho thinks this pandemic is more than just a virus, they believe it is more of a spiritual warfare than anything else, thus there are many intercession groups that, inspite of the lock down, still find creative ways of meeting and praying for the nation and the world at large. They meet on mountain tops and or any open spaces; maintaining covid-19 protocols set out by the government.

Please pray with us:

  • Pray that God will strengthen all believers to stand firm and wage war both spiritually and otherwise against this pandemic.
  • Pray that the authorities will be pro-active and creative to mitigate the impact of this disease on the poor and marginalised sectors of the society, and make wise and efficient use of any international donation they receive.
  • Pray also that this dark cloud of Covid-19 will soon disappear and fall away.

Inspite of being surrounded by South Africa which ranks 5th in the world with the highest infections, the hand of the Lord is relatively upon us. Lesotho has just about 750 confirmed case and 23 deaths. This is something we would really like to thank the Lord for and pray that He continues to protect us against this pandemic.