Libya – for the small remnant of the persecuted Church

From a believer working in the region

Libya is in the midst of a civil war, which in recent years has become a proxy-conflict involving various foreign powers seeking a foothold in that country.   More than a quarter of the population has fled the war to other lands.   Once a proud, rich, and self-sufficient people, much of the nation is now just struggling to eat.

Although Covid casualties have not been high in number, the two Libyan governments ruling the east and the west have imposed quarantines, curfews, and travel restrictions throughout the country.   All the countries in North Africa have basically done the same, concerned that should the virus spread it would overwhelm a woefully inadequate health care system.

The number of known national Christians within Libya is now in the dozens, with suggestions from social media that the number is actually much higher.  Persecution is severe when believers are discovered, resulting in incarceration, torture, and even several martyrs in the last six years.

Pray for:

  • The effective production of Libyan language social media materials, with virtual follow-up done by Libyan believers outside the country.
  • The weekly training of various Libyan believers in how to tell Bible stories and conduct discussions around those stories for seekers.
  • Open doors for the Gospel among the various unengaged people groups around the country, including the different Arab, Berber, and Tobu peoples.
  • Progress in four different Bible translation efforts for the various people groups in Libya.