Kuwait – will the majority of the Church have to leave?

From a believer in the area

Like the rest of the world, Coronavirus has had its toll on Kuwait. There are several praying points, but the below are the most urgent.

Government: I guess this is the biggest one. We need to pray for the Lord to grant them wisdom. The decision and the tension between the government and the national assembly has made the whole situation critical. 

Economy: Kuwait lockdown has been the longest in the gulf region. The extremely strict measures the government took has massively impacted the businesses. It [has] been estimated that most of the small and medium business will be impacted if not totally shut down. Already a lot of people lost their jobs and with the absence of clear plan from the government to support private businesses the future seems gloomy. Moreover, since the beginning of the fiscal year (April 2020) the overall deficit is in excess of $10 Billion. 

Expatriates: The government is taking new measures to replace expatriates in the government sector. Kuwait current population is 4.8 million with 70% expats. With this move a lot people will lose their jobs and will be asked to exit the country. This is a serious issue as most believers are expats. 

Pray for the Church to have a pivotal role in the current situation and to act as an anchor for those in need. To help spread the word to all different nationalities.