South Korea – for the Church to be “salt and light” on this new path

From a Korean Christian

For Unity in the Church

One of the concerns in Korean church is the division/divided-ness on various issues, especially on political/social issues. Pray that the church will learn to obey His Word to be “one,” and together as one, will serve the nation and the communities that are helplessly confused and lost as we take each fearful step on this path no one has ever walked.

For Maturity of the Church

Responding to the regulations and guidelines of the government, occasionally laying unavoidable restrictions on religious institutions in order to prevent further spread of the virus, much conflict and tension have been created between the government and the Korean church in general (while the media is also playing a big role in creating those tensions).

Pray that the church would be mature and wise to remain faithful to God while setting good examples by obeying the authorities to be salt and light. Pray that the church will remember that we don’t necessarily have to stop “being” the church even when we’re not “gathering” physically.