Kyrgyzstan – let God be famous everywhere!

From a believer living in Kyrgyzstan, suffering themself from Covid-19.
NOTE: OW edits for clarity are marked with [brackets].

I believe God is in control, that’s why we keep praying for this country. Let God be famous everywhere!

For government 

The government has declared quarantine in March 26, 2020. All kindergartens, schools, universities, many business organizations have gone into online format. Most people lost their jobs, ways to support their families. Society is full of chaos and panic. People lost their trust in the government accusing the government of the uncontrollable spread of covid19 and death numbers. The government got [much] humanitarian help, sponsoring from abroad [for a] long time before everything got so bad (there was enough time to prepare medical services). 

For church

Covid19 struck the church unexpectedly as well. Many small church communities do not have technical support to translate online church gatherings. Many are afraid to go to church, since almost everybody were sick / are still sick with covid19. Nevertheless, God’s children put their trust and keep praying for God’s guidance in such chaos. We believe God will strengthen the church more and more. 

For medical personnel

Due to poor medical services, most people stay home and treat themselves with any pills they can find in drugstores. In the beginning of July the covid19 death statistics were higher than Brazil. We give all the glory to God [that] the numbers decreased a lot. Many days medical stations were closed due to absence of the sick. We continue praying for the country, because number of covid19 is increasing in Issykul Region (vacation region). 

I am very proud of this country and people, because when government didn’t / couldn’t help people, people helped each other by themselves. The Kyrgyz people showed very beautiful example of sacrifice and love. God truly loves Kyrgyzstan and He is preparing a new awakening! Hallelujah!