South Korea – for solidarity in suffering

From a Korean Christian in Daegu (an initial hotspot)

For Recovery and Restoration of the Afflicted

Pray for quick and complete recovery of the very infected who are suffering physically, mentally and socially. Pray for those who had painfully lost their loved ones in this pandemic, and the restoration of those whose lives are irreversibly influenced.

For the Government and the Health Officials

Although South Korea has been said to be relatively successful at responding to the pandemic, all parts of the society are in great confusion in all levels. Pray for the wisdom and strength for the government and public officials, as well as those in the medical frontlines who have been selflessly offering all of themselves for consecutive months.

For the Spirit of Solidarity

It has been observed that those who had been infected by COVID19, hospitalized and discharged, are [now] facing social isolation, exclusion and bias, even long after they’ve tested negative. Pray that we’ll learn to overcome fear and stand with them.