North Korea – isolation of many kinds

At this time (early August 2020), there is very little known about the impact of the pandemic on the North Korean people. Below we share a blog post from OpenDoors UK, where an Open Doors team member shares a perspective on how Covid-19 is most likely affecting North Korea – including key points for prayer.

5 ways Covid-19 is affecting North Korea

16 June 2020 (Open Doors UK)

Officially, North Korea still claims to have had no cases of Covid-19. But Open Doors sources join many in doubting this claim. One contact goes so far as to say, “Every street in North Korea has been affected by Covid-19.” As news comes of the North Korean government severing contact with South Korea, even blowing up a joint liaison office near the border town of Kaesong, experts say it is increasingly likely that North Korea could be heading for another famine. Here are five ways that Covid-19 is affecting North Korea.

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