Kenya – equip the believers for every good work

From a Kenyan Christian

Pray for the believers, individuals and church leadership, to arise and become a voice through this pandemic. A clear voice, an undiluted, unfiltered, untethered voice. A voice that speaks the oracles of God to individuals, to systems and to power – both in words and actions.

Pray for parents and children who are having to deal with a school year that is not really one. Parents and guardians who have been left wondering what to do with children being home and away from school, while the adults work or look for work to sustain families.

Pray for the children, especially class eight and form four candidates who had been prepping and looking forward to sitting their final school exams and now have to wait another year.

Pray for justice to come, and to come swiftly. Justice for all those who have been oppressed by systems and fellow human beings. Justice for many who now lack provision of even basic needs as the reality of injustices bred by greed, corruption, fear and intimidation gets really pronounced by this pandemic.

Pray that even through this pandemic, the love and reality of God may seep through and transform the hearts of men and women. Pray for the Church of Jesus in Kenya to stay true to Scripture, to teach, to reproof, to correct, train in righteousness that the believers would become complete and equipped for every good work.