India – The New Hotspot for Covid-19

As shared by an Indian Christian leader.

The number of cases in India has increased exponentially in the past few weeks and still seems to be on the rise. Currently (17th June 2020), there are more than 350,000 infected cases and about 11,900 deaths.

The Indian government declared a nationwide lockdown and sealed all international borders. However, after almost two months of the lockdown, the country reopened, and unfortunately, the number of cases has only been increasing. Although the rate of deaths is relatively low, the vast number of people affected in this country, the limited healthcare facilities and socioeconomic impact are causes for concern.

Praise God:

Though a large number of people are affected, the death rate is low in the country.

For the sacrificial service of the essential workers who have been fighting tirelessly against this virus.

Pray with us:

We need to pray that the government will be wise and equipped to protect its people.

Pray for the health workers even as they are stretched for resources, including medical facilities to accommodate the growing number of patients.

Pray for peace in the region – there is arising a geopolitical tension from the neighbouring countries like China and Nepal.