India – The Double Crisis: Hotspot for Corona & Fear of Starvation Deaths

As shared by an Indian Christian leader:

Working-class people, especially daily wage workers and migrants, have been affected the most by lockdown. Unemployment is at an all-time high. The population that survived on a daily income is now having to face starvation. Migrant workers have travelled hundreds of miles by foot to reach back home during the lockdown, and a few have lost their lives on the way. Many skilled Indian workers have returned from the Middle-East and other countries after losing their livelihoods. There is a great challenge of resettling them back in the country.

Christians are fully engaged in responding to the crisis. The church and its institutions – through its effective network of healthcare and other non-profit organisations in India – are quietly going about helping the poor, marginalised and the most affected, by providing food, medical and shelter support. The ‘Loving The Migrant Worker’ network of believers came together to help migrants give them food to eat, transport to go home and dry provisions to sustain them if they chose to remain, and medical care.

Praise God:

For Christian witness during the pandemic crisis – we have seen many people lend their hands to others through donations of food and money.

Pray with us:

We need to pray for God’s provision, and protection as migrant workers and rural communities in India rebuild their lives.

We need to pray for our vulnerable brothers and sisters who are without a source of income and battling starvation.

Pray for the Churches and Christian NGOs who are selflessly serving the nation, so that Christ will be honoured in the country.

Pray for Christians and others standing their ground and supporting where they can at high personal risk to themselves.

You can read more about the ‘Loving the Migrant Worker’ network here.