ICELAND – Unity and Co-operation

The following points come from an Icelandic church worker.

The instructions from the Directorate of Health and the Police were given on television around 60 days in a row, each and every day, the same people.  They were like a coach, planning to fight the battle and win the game. And they managed.  So far.  As of 17 June, out of 1815 cases, only 10 people have died, and there are less than 20 people infected in the whole country at the moment. But we don’t know what will happen as the weeks go by. 

Praise God for :-

  • How successfully Iceland has managed to control and shut down the coronavirus, so far.
  • The government who successfully delivered the power of instructions into the hands of scientists, the Directorate of Health and to the Police, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.
  • The wisdom, integrity and calm manner of the scientists, the Director of Health and the police, who every day gave instructions on TV.
  • The Icelandic nation, and others who live in Iceland, who decided to stick together and respect the orders from the Directorate of Health and police.
  • The love and the concern the nation showed toward each other.
  • The healthcare system where the staff worked together as one person.
  • All the lives that were saved.
  • How trustworthy so many people of power showed to be during this crisis.
  • The part that the University of Iceland played.

Pray for :-

  • Ongoing protection.
  • Ongoing respect for the advice, instructions and rules from the Directorate of Health and the police.
  • Successful cooperation between the government, the Directorate of Health and the police.
  • Humility, love and a caring spirit over the country of Iceland.

To God be the glory!