The GAMBIA – Youthful Population, mercifully spared so far

A retired British missionary to the Gambia comments:-

“Over the last three weeks, I’ve been in contact with folk in the Gambia, both former colleagues and Gambians.

There have been very few cases of the virus and only one reported death as of now. That death was someone who came into the country for the purpose of teaching at Koranic schools and apparently travelled up and down the length of the country.

Schools, churches, mosques and public places have been closed. Social distancing has been introduced but is very difficult to adhere to as most people do their shopping in the local markets. People live in crowded conditions in the towns. Hand sanitation stations have been set up in the market places.”

Around 55% of the population are under 25 and 36% under 15. The average life expectancy is 65.

Please pray for continuing protection from the virus for the whole population, particularly the youth.

Pray for sufficient medical provision and good hygiene practice to become the norm.

Pray too for the Gambia’s economy and living and working conditions to improve.

Pray that the people would be drawn to the Saviour of the world.