GABON – A small but growing threat

These prayer points come from a senior minister in Gabon Assemblies of God. To date the country has had 2,135 cases and 14 deaths out of a population of around 2.2 million.

  • Please pray to stop the rapid spread of this pandemic during these last weeks across the country and mainly in Libreville, the capital of the country. In fact, since April 12 when the first 57 persons were declared affected with COVID-19, this number has been growing rapidly all over the country.
  • Please pray that the hospitals receive adequate material and equipment so that those in charge like doctors and nurses will be able to care of people suffering with COVID-19 in their structures.
  • Pray for Gabonese people to be aware of this dangerous pandemic. Many people still believe that this pandemic does not exist in Gabon despite reports in the news.
  • Pray that those who have contracted the coronavirus decide to go to the hospital. To suffer from COVID-19 in Gabon is considered shameful. People prefer to stay home using traditional medicine to get healed.
  • Because factories, companies, shops, and supermarkets were closed for a while people started starving. Many have lost their jobs. There is now a lack of food in many families. Please pray that God will provide for them.
  • Because of unemployment, mainly among the youth, there is a serious economic and social crisis. Please pray for God’s miracle to stop COVID-19 all over the world and allow our world – and singularly our country Gabon – to take off once again.
  • Gabon is a small country with a small population. Please pray to stop the growing number of people dying from coronavirus.