FINLAND – Easing out of lockdown

Here are some thoughts from a Finnish missionary working in the UK …

The situation in Finland is very similar to many other countries around the world. Lockdown started in mid-March with the closing of borders and schools. So far Finland has had 306 deaths and 6500 cases, which is quite low considering the population of 5.3 million people.

Numbers have been going down and Finland is easing the lockdown slowly. Schools opened up last Thursday for a couple of weeks before the summer holidays starting. Restaurants, libraries, museums, sports facilities etc. are opening up too. Public gatherings are allowed up to 50 people from the beginning of June. Also, Finland is planning to open up borders with some other Nordic countries.

  • Please give thanks to the Lord that the number of deaths is relatively low. 
  • Please pray that the numbers keep going down despite easing the lockdown. 
  • Please pray for those who have lost their jobs not to lose hope.
  • Please pray for the government to have wisdom to navigate through this time.
  • Please pray for the churches as they are slowly opening up for gathering.
  • Please pray for some industries that are dependant on seasonal workers who aren’t now able to travel to Finland.
  • Most of all pray for spiritual awakening for Finland.