FIJI – 18 cases and none since April

The following comes from a Fijian national working in the mission field:-

“Fiji has gone past 33 days without a COVID-19 case. There are only 3 remaining patients which the health department is taking care of. All schools will remain closed until Fiji is cleared of COVID-19. Curfew is still in place from 10pm – 5am. The number of people breaking curfew has reduced by 40%. There is a limit on social gatherings numbering no more than 20 people.”

Indeed, it was on April 20 that the Fijian Prime Minister confirmed the 18th and last COVID-19 case, after the positive test of a 51 year old woman who had returned on the March 22 from the United States of America. She had already been in self-quarantine for 14 days after her return.

Mercifully there have been no reported cases since then. It is a hopeful sign that this nation of 900,000 individuals has largely been kept free of the contagion.

Thanks be to God for his mercies, and continue to pray for the safety and protection of the people in Fiji and around the world, as governments, with varying levels of success, struggle to gain control over the virus.