FINLAND (extra) – Damaging effects on society

Here is another contribution from a member of the Finnish national prayer network. Please continue to pray for this nation!

Many old people are losing their physical and mental strength due to lock-down isolation – the government gave strong advice for over 70 year olds to stay home, which they have followed carefully. Please pray for people caring for the lonely.

Effect on families: partly good – families spent time together more than ever – but in dysfunctional families children have been traumatised as there were no outside adults and friends to support them; alcohol consumption in those at home increased during lock-down as well. Please pray for such children to be seen and heard.

Small businesses and the entertainment industry, catering and hotels are struggling; financial aid systems are being developed. Please pray that there would be no suicides due to economic pressure.

People have followed church services online more that usual attendance; also openness to the Gospel has increased. Please pray this would continue and that the believers would be awake to the people around them.