FAEROES & FALKLANDS – Is remoteness a safety barrier?

To date, these two groups of islands – one a self-governing region of Denmark in the North Atlantic, the other a British Overseas Territory off the coast of South America – have been mercifully little affected by the challenge of COVID-19. The Faeroe Islands have had (at the time of writing) 187 recorded cases with no fatalities; no region has had more cases with zero deaths. The Falklands have been even less hit, with only 13 cases and no deaths.

It appears that the relative isolation of these locations – so often a problem when attempting to trade with and relate to the rest of the world – is an advantage when trying to stave off a worldwide pandemic.

Still, please hold these places up in prayer today. The problems of other nations will have a knock-on effect in future months in terms of human resources, material support and regional development. And in spiritual terms the 49,000 inhabitants of the Faeroes, and the 3,500 Falkland Islanders, need Holy Spirit revival and to be shaken out of the lethargy of their nominal religion.