ETHIOPIA – Did a nation at prayer turn the tide?

From a group of ministry and prayer leaders in Ethiopia:

The reality of COVID-19 in Ethiopia made experts review their projection. The figure they projected in terms of cases and deaths is incomparable to the reality. We are grateful to God for His mercy and protection. As soon as reports came out, the interreligious counsel declared 30 days of national prayer. Every evening from 9:00 P.m. to 10:00 P.m. it was a time of prayer. Each and every religious groups had to prepare the daily program, deliver messages and lead the prayer sessions using the government television channels. This is one of the good things that came out of the current situation. Nevertheless, the number of cases is increasing though we have only 5 deaths so far and most of them died due to other health issues. Almost 50% of the victims have fully recovered. 

Migrant workers are coming back from Saudi Arabi and the Gulf countries and this is creating a huge burden on the country because they have to spend 14 days in quarantine. And the government is fully responsible to provide care and support during this time. Not only this but also many Ethiopian Somalis living in Somali land and Ethiopian Afar people living in Djibouti daily cross border and come with this virus. This border is 5000 kilometers long with many entrances so this has been quite a challenge to manage. 

Starting from April until September 2020, the whole country is under state of emergency but we are not in lockdown simply because our economy does not allow us. The economic implication of this is huge for the country but also for many people who live on daily cash. On the other hand, there are so many initiatives providing care packages to the poor. Many churches are organizing themselves and trying to provide care and support. Online church services are growing. But many churches have lost income so some ministers are being affected. 

Ethiopia was preparing to hold a national election in August 2020 but now is postponed until the state of emergency is lifted up. This has created disagreements between our government and the opposition parties. 

How to pray:-

  1. Please give thanks to the Lord for helping us have a small number of cases and deaths. Also thank Him for helping many to fully recover from the virus and for His protection over Ethiopia.
  2. Please pray that the Lord would continue delivering Ethiopia from community transmission and deaths. To those infected with the virus, please pray for quick recovery. 
  3. Please pray the safety of our health professionals and for medical supplies. 
  4. Please pray for genuine repentance, continued prayers, and revival in the church to grow healthy and stronger and to continue drawing many to the Kingdom. False prophets and false teachings are rampant here so please pray for this to change. 
  5. Pray for our church leaders to know how to lead during this current situation and post Covid-19 adopting to the situation in the world. 
  6. Please pray against unrest due to the sharp disagreement between our government (the ruling party) and opposition party leaders due to changing the time of election.
  7. Please pray for churches to engage with the international communities in the country, particularly the Syrian, Turks, Indians, and Chinese.
  8. Please pray for our economy and God’s blessings over the resources He blessed us with. 
  9. Locusts keep coming to the Northern and Eastern part of the country, please pray that the Lord would redirect these Locusts where they should be.