ESTONIA – Prayer and Praise

These prayer requests have been presented by Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church:

We are thankful to God that Estonia is doing quite well considering the current circumstances. Therefore the emergency situation was ended by Estonian Government starting from May 18th, 2020.

The government has also given all the congregations permission to hold the public services again. There are still certain rules that need to be followed (distance between people, disinfection and etc.), which make it pretty complicated, but churches are still happy over this possibility. 

During the corona crisis churches learned to minister in new ways and became more innovative. Providing internet services and different platforms they reached far more people than usually. Even Estonian media, that used to be very skeptical about Christian churches, published a lot of information about them. Estonian national TV started a program for Sunday worship services, where all the different denominations in Ecumenical Council of Churches share their turn.

This time has been like an awakening call for christians and churches to dig deeper in their personal relationship with God and improve the relationship with their families.

But the enemy has not slept either. The domestic violence has increased in Estonian families and the corona has affected people’s mental health as well. As everywhere, the economy is also affected a lot and there are many challenges to face due to that.

The prayer requests for the Estonian nation are:

1) Thanksgiving for the virus’s decline and God’s protection over our nation (Ps 18:2)

2) Prayer for the virus not to spread again (Ps 18:38)

3) Pray for wisdom and protection for Estonian government and all the other leaders to make the right decisions in every area  (1Tim 2:1-3)

4) Pray for God to open more opportunities to preach the Gospel in new and effective ways and churches to become stronger, ready and obedient to God’s calling to have impact on this nation  (Col 4:3)

5) Pray for the truth to rise and all the false to subside (Proverbs 28:12)

6) Pray for God to heal the relationships in families and for restoring the value of the family (Malachi 4:6)