CROATIA – A fast lockdown and a slow re-opening

This post comes from a long term worker in Croatia who understands both the mainstream culture as well as those on the margins who are more vulnerable to community transfer. These prayer points resonate with what most of us are experiencing, so we should be able to empathize through intercession!

Croatia went into lockdown very quickly when COVID-19 began gaining traction in Europe.  As of 3 May 2020, they have 2096 confirmed cases and 79 people have died.  Over the past few days, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has continued to fall, and Croatia is slowly re-opening in a three-phase process.  However, even as more businesses begin opening today, they are subject to strict guidelines which may be hard for small business owners to sustain and remain profitable.  There is concern in general for Croatia’s economy, as they are heavily dependent on tourism. Churches are also allowed to start meeting again; however, they must also follow strict social distancing guidelines.


  • For revitalization of the churches and renewal of faith through this crisis.
  • Pray for the power of Holy Spirit that empowers Christians be more Christ-like and less nationalistic.
  • Pray for Roma communities as many of them face even greater socio-economic challenges. In particular, online schooling has been difficult for some Roma families to take part in, if they don’t have internet or the skills to help their children.  Pray for teachers and others to support them so that they will not be left behind.
  • Pray for people’s hearts to be softened to God, particularly during the economic hardships that are likely coming.
  • Pray for church leaders as they make decisions about re-opening their churches in light of the strict guidelines.  Pray for wisdom regarding how to continue ministering and reaching out to their congregants and beyond.