CYPRUS – Swift action on an island nation averts the worst of CoVid-19

These prayer points come from a Cypriot believer resident on the island who has also served in mission overseas.

Cyprus has had 872 cases of Covid -19 with 15 deaths to date. Cypriots are content with the way the government has handled the pandemic. Even though lockdown rules have been strict they are easing off in three phases now as we see cases declining. Businesses are opening but tourism, which is the main source of income for many, will be heavily affected. Praise God that the body of Christ has been unified through this time. Though physical gatherings have not happened in weeks, the body of Christ is connected online. More prayer meetings, Bible studies and even community activities have taken place through digital avenues. More real relationships have been built with each other and our neighbors. Easter being a big celebration on the island was “cancelled” but more talks about faith and the cross have taken place even with nominal Christians.

Prayer points:

• Thank God that Cyprus has been spared the worst of the coronavirus outbreak, that its government acted swiftly, and that its people are grateful for good leadership

• Hope and help for those struggling physically or financially

• Continued wisdom for the government and the health ministry

• Wisdom for church leaders

• The body to stay united and continue building real friendships

• Believers to be full of hope and open to hear what the Spirit is doing in this season

Additionally, because of its location, Cyprus is home to a number of ministries that focus on outreach to the Muslim world. With it being Ramadan currently, this is a key time to be aware of and pray for Muslims around the world. This includes media ministries such as SAT-7, which is experiencing much higher listenership and viewership than usual with the CoVid-19 lockdown. During this lockdown and Ramadan season, may many Muslims encounter the living Christ through the strategic ministries which are based in Cyprus