COSTA RICA – Tourist paradise suffering from lockdown

Pray with us for this beautiful nation in Central America. The Church is strong and pressing on amidst this time, but as with many country, the prayer needs are great. These points come from Costa Rican leaders in ministry and mission.

“Pray for the Costa Rican government and those in authority, that they would have discernment as they phase economic activity back in (after 6 weeks of lockdown). As they country and economy re-opens, pray that there would not be a second wave of infections, but that Costa Ricans would act with wisdom and continue to be vigilant.

Pray for Christian leaders – in churches, mission organisations, and parachurch ministries – as they discuss ways that they can continue to be involved in the mission of God and His Kingdom purposes even during this time.  How can they be intentional? What impact can they have during lockdown and in the recovery phase?

Pray for the body of Christ in Costa Rica. They have gone digital, as with many places around the world. Pray that they would hear the voice of God and to be encouraged in their walk of discipleship even amidst hardship and uncertainty.

Pray into the economic hardship that Costa Ricans are suffering. So much of Costa Rica’s economy is based on tourism, which has all but disappeared during this time. Many, many people have lost their jobs as a result, and many people economically survive from week to week or month to month. The longer the lockdown endures, and the more the economy stalls, the more desperate people will become. May Christians demonstrate generosity and compassion to those in need.

Pray for children in Costa Rica. Schools have been closed down, and while there has been an effort to continue education amidst the shutdown, for many kids, learning has stopped. Many children are suffering emotionally, being cooped up in homes without being able to see their friends, play outside, etc. In some cases, domestic abuse affects children directly.”

Lord, have mercy on beautiful and beloved Costa Rica!