This entry comes from a Brazzavillean Christian who studies abroad but is current back in Congo during their lockdown. Some excellent insight, and some hope-filled prayer points!

“Concerning the impact of Covid19 on the churches , there is only one factor which is quite of a big issue , it’s about the internet!

We got internet , even my church and so many other have started online services , but it is a big challenge for some of the members to be connected. And with all the things that are happening the risk of spending money is not good!

Nevertheless ministers are using the national televisions as well.
So far this is the main issue , but there are also so many churches which are having online services on Facebook , instagram, YouTube…

In regard of the impact of the covid19 on the population, the issue is mainly centralized in the fact that people are not allowed to go out. This is creating a high level of hunger in the low class community. Some Churches have found ways to sustain and help those in need ~ which is not really yet efficient cause of the measures of confinement and the restrictions of exiting the houses!

In view of impact of covid19 on the population , they are 117 confirmed cases, 11 people healed and restored, and 5 deaths decreed as of April17th.
So far the government has started a plan of help , and last week they’ve helped around 11000 people in an area of one of our city! Which is just the continuation of what they’ve already started weeks ago. For me I think it’s not really efficient, and I hope that God may help and provide those who are really still in need .

If I have to share prayer requests, it will mainly concern a revival , through the salvation of the souls causing a Godly impact over the country, the economy , the leadership …
Because there’s a wind of salvations over here. I know men Of God, real evangelists , with a powerful ministry , and the Lord is using them to impact the country , by organizing huge crusades. (Presumably this is previous to the lockdown coming into effect)

As a second point of prayer , that Unity might fill the Church so that this wind of restoration be prominent in Jesus name ~