CONGO-DRC – A suffering people

These prayer points come from a Congolese pastor. Pastors see the range of suffering in their communities as they are the ones to whom people come with all kinds of needs. This post only scratches the surface of the scale of suffering that the people of DRC have endured through recent decades.

“Pray for the people of Congo-DRC during this confinement process. The majority of people do not have food provision, and therefore they have to go out in order to find something to eat. They won’t be able to be confined for long periods of time. (Food acquisition is a daily activity in many countries such as Congo-DRC; a weekly trip to a supermarket filled with produce and food items from around the world is an alien concept for most.)

May the Lord help the government to do things slightly differently to other parts of the world. What works for Western countries in handling CoVid-19 will not work for Congo.

The new president has a vision of fighting corruption and the impunity with which corrupt officials act. Things seems to gradually changing in the country. May the Lord help the new president to carry on with this mandate until things have totally changed in the country and corruption is rooted out.

Congo-DRC has known war and violence for so many years with millions of deaths – a death toll greater than that of the First and Second World War casualty rates for most countries. Militias and warlords continue to terrorize some places. May Lord help the country and its people, we have suffered a lot.

No one is paying attention to the situation of Congo-DRC.  God is the only one who sees our suffering.

We pray for the structures of society, for improved education, and for the economy to be boosted in Jesus’ name.”