COLOMBIA – Praying for the church and the nation

We pivot now to this diverse and beautiful South American nation. Latin America is facing a very different CoVid-19 situation from the Chinese context we have been praying into these past couple of weeks. These points come from the missions network COMIBAM.

Colombia has exceeded 4000 infections and 200 deaths. The government has worked hard to flatten the contagion curve, by implementing measures such as mandatory quarantine until at least May 11. This has had a very strong effect on the country’s various social ecosystems, such as the economy.

Unemployment stood before COVID at 10%, and is expected to be much higher this season. Thousands of Venezuelan migrants have been returning to their country due to lack of job opportunities. The national and local government is doing its best to supply food to those most in need and to alleviate interest rates on bank loans, among other measures.

The President of the Republic has informed that this year, no large meetings of people together will be allowed. This decision will have a strong impact on the churches. Despite this, the church has moved to a virtual model, telephone work and continuing home groups where possible.

The church to the best of its ability is providing assistance to families who are experiencing difficulties in feeding and solving family conflicts.

Pray that the church will have the resources to continue blessing those most in need and that it be a testimony of love and mercy.

Pray for God’s provision for each pastor, both rural and small churches.

Pray for wisdom for pastors’ councils in every city and town to overcome impacts on church work.

Pray for a revival in every Christian family and a blessing in the neighborhoods.

Pray for the health of families where child abuse, mistreatment of women and problems of couples have increased.

Pray for the hundreds of Colombian missionaries serving in cross-cultural fields in Colombia and around the world so that the decrease in their support does not impede their continued work. May each of them have more opportunities to share the message of Jesus.

Pray for the wisdom of the government to have a good process of reactivating the economy, while taking care of the health of Colombians.

Pray for wisdom in the leaders of each church to continue innovating in the midst of the crisis and that each challenge is a new opportunity to bless and transform Colombia.