COMOROS – One of the world’s least-reached nations

Let’s lift up our prayers – during both Ramadan and the CoVid-19 pandemic – for this desperately needy island nation! This information comes courtesy of our friends from an amazing mission organization, CAPRO (the South Africa branch being closest to Comoros).

Although there has been no confirmed case of the COVID-19 on all of the three islands of the Comoros, the government has instituted a national lockdown and restrictions on all the islands. Schools and most businesses are closed and movements are restricted. There is a travel ban between the islands even by boats.

1) Needless to say for a very poor country like the Comoros, this has introduced serious hardship for the population. Most people do not farm enough to sustain them so there is serious hunger. And the government is not able to take care of the economic fall outs. Please pray for wisdom for the government to tailor their response to the pandemic to the reality of their population.  We want the Lord  to show his glory to the leadership of our Comoros country as they navigate this unprecedented times.

2) Pray for the opportunity that the restrictions on gatherings including the mosques meeting presents. The Comoros is an Islamic Republic where everybody is expected to be Muslim. And  a place where everybody is watched and the daily and especially Friday gatherings at mosques helps to keep possible inquirers of the Gospel in check. Pray that during this time many seekers will find a space to explore the Gospel.

3) Pray for our team that continues to meet in very small groups (small group meetings not more than 10 persons are allowed) to disciple MBBs. That this time of less busyness will be useful to train up these disciples.

4) Pray for provisions for our team to minister to the rising and massive food need around them. Pray for supply.

5) Pray God to fortify all the Jesus followers. Many have faced immerse persecution but are still standing. And ask God to empower us to do his work – to see and cease all the opportunities that this pandemic provides

6) Please pray for more labourers for the work on these islands.