UPDATE: CoVid-19 Developments in CHAD

Our contact in Chad wrote us with this updated information and further prayer requests. Let us remember our brothers and sisters in these places – they must face often-oppressive climates, poverty, persecution, and terrorist attacks on a routine basis. The global pandemic is just one more trial to endure as they shine the light of Jesus:

“1. Update on COVID 19 in Chad 

We have as of this morning 33 confirmed cases of 08 have been declared healed. 1,474 persons are being follow up being quarantined.  The situation is serious as the designated hospital for COVID 19 patients lacks some basic infrastructure. A cargo was expected on 20/04/20 with some supplies because many hospitals are not prepared.  Some weeks ago the Health Minister confirmed that the entire nation had less than 300 beds for those patients. Our health agents and security forces serving on our border with Cameroun are not well protected. The population is not living  inside houses but in the open compounds where it is difficult to protect oneself against a deadly airborne virus. Besides Chadian culture makes life communal. Last week the wearing of masks was made compulsory but the government backed down just a day after announcing this decision because masks were not enough and in insufficient supply in the country at that time.

The Government made a series of announcements to ease the life of the population but the bureaucratic structure being put in place, the poor governance and corruption will not allow the poor to benefit from these. 

The Challenge:

Please pray for protection and provision for many widows and poor families at this point. Pray God will give me the needed wisdom to serve him at this moment. 

Praise God that as of today, there are no known CoVid-19 deaths in our nation!

2. Security 

As many of you know Boko Haram attacked our army killing many soldiers. The Head of State led the Chad military retaliation counter-attack which killed many Boko Haram members. In our honour and shame culture this means that each blood will be avenged. Our security is on high alert so we need prayers that it will not be turned simply on the poor and churches. Please pray for unity in the country even as we face COVID 19.’’