TAIWAN – Lord, open hearts to the Gospel!

This input comes from Taiwanese prayer leaders who are connected to the wider church and to prayer movements in other countries. We agree with the cry that the Church will find ways to keep being missional during a season of lockdown and isolation. Lord, hear our prayer!

As most churches move their meetings online, pray for sustained unity and fellowship.

Pray that God would give wisdom to the church leaders to be fearless in shepherding, wise in constantly changing government guidelines and focused in exalting Christ in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pray that Christians and churches will keep their focus on evangelism and missions. The expansion of the Gospel has always been most robust in times of uncertainty.

Pray that the churches will not simply hunker down but courageously obey the Great Commission.

Pray for the people in Taiwan. As we are reminded of the fleeting nature of life, pray that the Holy Spirit will soften hearts to receive the Gospel.

Pray for the government officials as they lead, protect and govern.

Pray for the many missionaries whose travels are affected by travel bans both here locally and internationally.

Pray that God will open up doors for them to continue their ministry and open doors for a safe return to their fields.