CHINA – Pastor shares on the economic impact of CoVid-19

This comes, unedited, from a Chinese pastor inside PRC:

Many people lose their jobs.
Some people went back to the companies last month, this month the companies closed.
It is said that 200 million people in China will low down (decrease) their income.
Many companies, factories, restaurants, hotels and markets are closed.
The teachers and cook are working for after-school education, they cannot work for the kids. The government asked them to stop doing it.
Many people need jobs to survive.

Many people buy foods, everything they need (hoarding).
Everything is getting more expensive. Panic spreads among the people.

The tithe is not enough for small churches to continue.
Pandemic influenced many people’s job.
The church can’t buy enough food to help the elderly people.
Even for the small churches can’t pay full salary to the pastors.