Greetings, saints!

We are all aware of the current crisis and all that can go with it – anxiousness, fear, panic, blame, and conspiracy theories, but also of faith, compassion, self-sacrifice, love, and wisdom.

There are so many great resources and tools out there for Christians to be using to connect to God and to each other during the season of CoVid-19. I’ll post later on some of the ones I’ve found most helpful.

We want to continue holding up the nations to God during this time – probably more than ever. So, the idea here is to continue following along with the Operation World prayer calendar (which takes users through the whole world in a year), but to add CoVid-19 related prayers to what we are already doing.

Operation World’s normal focus is long term intercession for strategic issues – the kinds of issues that do not just change overnight or with one prayer. This will continue, and we continue to point people toward our ongoing prayer content. Few of these long-term challenges will fundamentally change due to CoVid-19. They will still be nation-sized prayer challenges for the foreseeable future. However, we also recognise the need for urgent prayer for urgent issues. That’s why we very quickly put this site together.

Our prayer material always comes from a combination of research and consultation with believers on the ground. For this pop-up site, we felt the best way to do this is to ask Christian leaders in the nations, “How can we be praying for your nation during the CoVid-19 pandemic?” These prayers come from pastors, prayer network leaders, researchers, missionaries, mobilizers, and theologians. In virtually every case, they are from and in the country in question – right there at ground zero of our prayers.

As we enter the Passover, lament at Good Friday, and anticipate Resurrection Sunday, we are reminded that Christ has conquered sin and death. All authority has been given to Him. He sits enthroned, and as our High Priest is interceding for us and inviting us to step into our own spiritual authority to pray that God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as in heaven!