Pray for the Covid-19 Crisis

Greetings, saints!
We are all aware of the current crisis and everything that goes with it – panic, fear, blame, and conspiracy theories, alongside of faith, compassion, self-sacrifice, and wisdom.
There are sooooo many great resources and tools out there for Christians to be using to connect to God and to each other during the season of CoVid.

We want to continue holding up ALL nations to God during this time – probably more than ever. Places like China, Italy, etc. surely warrant additional intercession for the current crisis – which will inevitably pass.

Meanwhile, I am reminded from today’s countries in OW that the vast majority of those in Brunei live under the strong control of Islam and have never heard the Good News about Jesus. The original inhabitants of the British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagossians) were forcibly relocated from their islands due to the need for the UK and then USA to project military power in the Indian Ocean.

Yesterday was Brazil, with one of the most vibrant churches in the world and a growing global missionary-sending movement, but struggling greatly with violence, corruption, inequality, and the rapid deforestation combined with virtual genocide of the small and vulnerable Amazonian tribal peoples.

Tomorrow is Bulgaria, with a rich and ancient Christian history, but a significant population decline and, for many, a society lacking much hope in the future.

None of these challenges change due to CoVid, and they will still be nation-sized prayer challenges for the foreseeable future. But we can change that as we come to the Throne of Grace and ask God to show mercy!

I think that there’s no better time to culitvate the spiritual discipline of praying through the nations. Keep on keeping on!

In Christ,
Jason Mandryk
Operation World