Burkina Faso Covid-19 prayer needs

Not how we normally post, and not promising to do this regularly, but it is good to be reminded that these “faraway” places are more vulnerable in many ways to CoVid-19 than Global North countries. This is from a friend of OW who is well connected to Francophone Africa. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Burkina Faso!

“In the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, Burkina Faso is the second-worst affected country in Subsaharan African (after South Africa). The first two cases were a Burkinab√© evangelical pastor and his wife, who just returned from a Christian event assembling 2.500 people in France, where this pastor was the main speaker; two children already had the virus, and many participants were infected. The first death caused by coronavirus in Subsaharan Africa was in Burkina Faso; there are currently over 60 confirmed cases, including several government members, and the numbers are still growing. The health system of such a poor country is absolutely not ready to cope. Please pray for all those fighting the epidemy: government, health workers, and church leaders. Please also ask God to heal those who are already ill, and to protect all the others.”