Pakistan – staying strong in prayer during the pandemic

From a Pakistani Christian academic

Pakistan’s close proximity to China meant that there was hardly any chance of escape from Covid-19. Moreover, being one the highest populated countries in the world (with over 220 million people) and a country lacking quality healthcare resources and awareness, it was predicted by several experts that the country will not fare very well.

As a result, when in February the first few cases appeared (near the Iranian border), there was a state of panic and fear. The cases started to rise in May and peaked in June when hospitals were put on high alert. The March 2020 lockdown meant that many people who worked on daily wages were unable to put food on the table. Many people lost their jobs as well and started living off their savings. The entire nation was in a challenging situation. This was a time when crime rate also increased as did the frustration levels in individuals. Lockdown meant the domestic violence was also at its peak. Schools were shut and the entire nation came to a standstill.

However, miraculously, by the end of June, Pakistan accelerated its recovery rate to 96% in a matter of 6 months which even prompted WHO to declare Pakistan as an influential player in the fight against Covid-19. Scientists all over the world are still unable to understand how a country like Pakistan was able to fare so well. The answer, lies in all the prayers of the believers. As soon as things got out of hand, Churches got together, 24 hour prayer chains were started via telephone and internet. The people got down to their knees and God answered their prayers. Clearly, God knew there was no other way the country could get through this.

Currently, there are limited restrictions on gatherings and generally the covid-19 numbers have decreased and hospitals have more space but the country still keeps fighting against covid-19.

Please pray:

  • for people who lost their jobs during covid-19 – to not lose hope
  • for the government to make fair judgments and decisions for future
  • that the Church stands united during this time and continues to pray
  • for people to be kind to each other and become more receptive to accepting Christ as their saviour