Moldova – for relief from the virus and its impact

From a Moldovan mission worker

Moldova has been hit comparatively hard by the COVID-19 crisis. While infection numbers continue to steadily increase and have not reached a peak even after almost six months, people are also increasingly desperate for the financial means to survive. 

Most people in Moldova have stayed without work and salary for months, without having any savings to fall back on. Many Moldovans working abroad lost their jobs and needed to return to Moldova without means to provide for their families. (Remittances from abroad usually form a significant part of income for many families; many entirely depend on family members working abroad.) Those who were already struggling to make ends meet even before the crisis – like the many poor, elderly or sick – are even more desperate now, while also facing increased isolation. 

Churches and mission organisations have also been strongly affected in their ministry, but while many of the usual activities are restricted, there are opportunities of bringing help and hope to those most affected. Over the summer [our mission] visited 100 communities and provided food packages together with Bibles. We will continue this project in cooperation with local churches and are also looking for other ways of reaching out to the people of Moldova in this crisis. 

  • Please pray for a decline in the infection rate, and for wisdom and strength for the workers in government and health institutions (which are generally not of a high standard). 
  • Pray for wisdom, creativity and protection for church leaders and mission workers, as they adapt their ministry and have to balance the need of caring for their communities against the need of precautions.