Mexico – for churches who mourn the loss of pastors

From Mexican Christian leaders in Mexico City

The pandemic continues to claim victims. The official death toll in Mexico as of today (August 31, 2020) is 64,158. However, we do not trust the official statistics. Many are dying from complications of COVID-19 but the death certificate states the cause of death to be other than COVID-19. 

Over 100 pastors and church leaders have died from COVID-19 in the first 3 months of the pandemic (that are known to us).  We strongly believe there are many others. The vacuum of leadership in the Church will be hard to fill. However, we remind ourselves that Christ is the head of His Church. 

Mexico continues to send mixed signals to the population regarding what to do and how to deal with COVID-19. Sadly the country does not have the infrastructure to deal with a pandemic. 

Please pray:

  • For the new generation of leaders in the Church that will arise from this pandemic.
  • For the lasting economic impact. [A difficult situation] was already in place but has been greatly accentuated by this pandemic. Many people live work to mouth daily and the toll of the loss of their income is hitting hard.
  • Against the substantial increase in violence, both in general and against women. 
  • For protection, both spiritual and physical, of those who are on the front lines of medical and social care (both secular and different ministries directly involved in helping those who are hurting deeply during this pandemic). 
  • For the Church to be an effective force of love, generosity, hope and peace as it lives out the calling to be salt and light in the darkness.