Malaysia – for recovery from present and looming loss

From a Malaysian Christian leader

Malaysia is a blessed land with abundant resources without typhoons/cyclones or regular earthquakes, unlike some of our neighbouring countries. So this SARS-COV-2 pandemic is the first major natural crisis we have had to endure for decades. Thankfully the authorities have generally handled the matter well. Infections and deaths are relatively low. But the economy has been hard hit with the worst effects expected to be felt towards the end of the year. The poor, including some 3 million or more migrant workers, are probably those that suffer most.

Like other parts of the developing world, please pray for the recovery of the economy.

The lockdown in the country beginning mid-March was unfortunately preceded by a political coup, only weeks earlier. Selfish politicians driven primarily by ambition and playing on ethnic fears of the majority race engineered a backdoor government which is now ruling with a razor-thin parliamentary of just one or two vote! Clearly the morale of the people and the confidence in the country have been deeply affected.

Pray that God will act in judgment to remove self-seeking and immoral leaders, that righteousness and justice will prevail in the nation, and that there will be stability and peace in the land.