Malawi – for protection of all her citizens, especially children

From a Malawian mission leader

Malawi and Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 has caused a great challenge to the lives of Malawians and also to the church. There have been imminent lockdowns time and again which would mean no more gatherings for congregations. Malawi has also experienced an alarming spread of the disease and this has caused the masses to panic and some believers to stop church attendance all together for fear of contacting the disease.

Economically the disease has affected all areas of business resulting (in) some companies closing or laying off some workers. The affected families have experienced lack of food and other daily necessities.

In the area of education, it is pathetic to see that up to now schools remain closed since December 2019. Children are just sitting idle in homes, which has cause a high rate of child pregnancies. In one of the Malawi districts, we have seen a rate of 40 child pregnancies per day.

The leadership in government has just changed in the month of June where we have seen a born again former clergyman taking the highest office of the President. We have hope that he will be guided by God to combat corruption which has been a big issue with the previous government. It is reported that the former regime used to abuse the donations intended for Covid-19 pandemic.

For Prayer:

  • Praise God for the slowing down of cases and deaths and the rising number of recoveries
  • Pray that the disease will be defeated completely that Malawi will be a Covid-19 free country
  • Pray for the health personnel as they work day and night to help patients
  • Pray that the church will remain strong and vigilant despite the challenge
  • Pray that the new government will do its best in protecting its citizens from more infections. Pray that it will be transparent and honest in dealing with financial help towards the pandemic