Iraq – crisis, a turning point?

From a believer living in Iraq

Iraq finds itself in a time of economic, public health, and political & military crisis (on several fronts), but this has not hindered the growth of the gospel in this nation.

Pray for:

  • Continued effectiveness for social media campaigns and that the Lord would (1) impact tens of thousands who would move closer to Jesus; and (2) bring forth “Cornelius”-type people who will open their communities to the gospel.
  • Pray for encouragement for local leaders and ministers of the gospel. I specifically have two men in mind—pray for health and protection for one recently exposed to the virus and for encouragement after years of mistreatment for the other. That these two leaders would be used during this pandemic in great ways for multiplication.
  • Pray for existing groups of believers to grow in their creativity for gatherings in even smaller groups or online when necessary.
  • Pray for hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to one day look back at this year, and even this decade, as times of difficulty that led them to see the light of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.