Iran – Amid second wave, the church is not ‘on pause’

From Elam Ministries

There’s no doubt about it – the coronavirus pandemic has hit Iran hard over the past few months. Countless families are struggling to put food on the table. Many are grieving. House churches are not meeting in person.

Now Iran is experiencing a second wave. The situation looks bleak. But there is hope. While much of normal life has been ‘on pause’, the church has not been.

House churches have been distributing food aid to those most in need in their communities. And we’ve also seen the church press fast-forward on prayer, on sharing Jesus, on discipling others and in planting churches, all through the wonders of technology and the internet.

As ordinary Iranians grapple with the fear and anxiety that accompanies this pandemic, and as they hear about the hope to be found in Christ, we are seeing a greater spiritual openness than ever before.

Now, as Iran faces this second wave, believers inside Iran request prayer for:

  • Safety and courage to share the gospel and distribute Scriptures during this season of heightened spiritual openness
  • Comfort for those grieving
  • Provision and strength for those struggling to make ends meet
  • Endurance and encouragement for healthcare personnel
  • Wisdom for leaders strategising to contain this second wave.