Guyana has been relatively unscathed by the coronavirus. Officially there have been 156 cases and 12 deaths out of a population of nearly 800,000. As with many other countries, the following restrictive measures are currently in place:-

  • All borders, airports, and ports are closed for passengers.
  • All schools are closed.
  • A curfew has been instituted between 18:00 and 06:00.
  • All post offices are closed.
  • Everybody should stay at home except for essential journeys.
  • Public transport may only carry half the number of passengers they are licensed to carry.

Guyana’s population is estimated at around 63% Christian, mostly Protestant, including 20% evangelicals.

Please pray:-

That the health authorities in Guyana would treat patients well, and for the healing of those still infected;

That the government would have wisdom regarding the lifting of lockdown at the right time and in the right way;

For the Church in Guyana to work together for the safety of their members and the clear proclamation of the Gospel;

For renewal and revival throughout Guyana.