GUINEA-BISSAU – Radio keeps the flame of faith alive

A missionary team leader in Guinea-Bissau writes:-

Thank God that it seems the number of new Covid-19 cases is reducing. So far officially there have been 1,389 cases with 12 deaths. Some restrictions have already been lifted, which helped some people to start earning again and so be able to buy food. This week they are expecting to hear of further lifting of restrictions. Pray for the Lord’s protection of the people of Guinea-Bissau from any further outbreaks of the virus.

Thank the Lord that just before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau managed to get a radio station (Hope Radio) up and running. During this time when churches have been prevented from meeting, Christians have been able to listen into sermons and other Christian programmes. Pray for continued good programmes to be produced and broadcast. It seems many non-Christians have also been listening, so pray for the Lord to speak to them through what they hear.

The new government has not really been able to function since the presidential elections at the beginning of the year. Pray that the politicians would stop their party politics and start working for the good of the country.

There are many Christian primary schools. Please pray for these schools, when they are allowed to start functioning again, to know the best way to do so in the post Covid-19 situation.