FRANCE (3) – Needing the Love of Jesus

This comes from a mission agency director in Mulhouse, eastern France…

After several months of fighting the epidemic of covid-19, in France the authorities have reported that, for the moment, the cases of contagion have decreased considerably, and on the 11th of May the process of reopening began.

Although there is a lot of uncertainty, the daily rhythm of life is starting again slowly and people go back to their activities. Students will soon return to schools in the midst of strict hygiene regulations, to avoid possible contagion.

During the peak of the epidemic, the evangelical community in France was listed as one of the epicentres of contagion, which caused certain negative attitudes against the evangelicals.

Prayer requests: –

  • That the church can show the love of Jesus in the midst of these adverse circumstances
  • For vision and wisdom to recognize opportunities for new ministries
  • That the evangelical churches can resume their activities safely
  • For peace and comfort for the families of the people who passed away during this epidemic.