ECUADOR – Heartbreaking CoVid-19 Tragedy

Ecuador has been one of the hardest hit countries, and one of the least prepared, in the Americas. Here are some urgent and heartbreaking prayer needs sent by a national leader in the prayer movement in Ecuador. The Father’s heart breaks at such suffering, too. Let’s enter into communion with Him and through prayer, ask for Him to move in Ecuador.

Covid 19 Ecuador Prayer Points

The Ecuadorian government has failed to handle the pandemic. Ecuador is living in social, economical, and political chaos.

Please pray for organization, wisdom, integrity and transparency in the Ecuadorian government . Ecuador has confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in all 24 provinces of the country. President Lenin Moreno has stayed in quarantine, leading from his home. There is a humongous disagreement in communication , corruption , among the governmental authorities .

Hospitals are overflowing and burial systems collapsed under overwhelming demand, leaving dead bodies to pile in the streets and pushing families to bury loved ones in coffins made of cardboard. The hotspot has moved from Guayaquil to Quito.

The Government of Ecuador has restricted movement throughout the country with very limited exceptions and imposed a nationwide curfew.  As of Wednesday, March 25, a nationwide curfew is in place from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. The CoVid-19 dead are abandoned or moved in trucks from one barrio/ neighborhood to another.

We will never know what the real number of CoVid-19 is, because there are no tests available. It is apparent that the government numbers are falsified (only 30 thousand cases/ 1500 deaths). This misinformation and abuse of power at work is making things worse.

There is chaos and anger outside hospitals and morgues, as grieving families struggled to recover the bodies of family members or to collect their death certificates (residents said they had to wait for up to six days in the 90-degree (32Celcius) heat for emergency services to collect the bodies of deceased relatives and neighbors.)

Members of Ecuador’s indigenous communities ( Shuars/Siekopai) have fled into the Amazon rain forest, fearing their communites could be wiped out as corona-virus infections rise in their territories.

More than Covid-19 , high unemployment , a lack of socio-economic aid from the government , and endemic poverty have destroyed what was an already weak economy. Many are suffering and economic recovery seems impossible with current conditions.