DENMARK – Society, economy, and churches to re-open

This prayer content comes from a combination of friends – Danish mission organization personnel, and a medical doctor in Denmark who has served in overseas mission.

On the 11th of March, the Prime Minister of Denmark closed the borders, recommended that Danish travellers overseas return home, closed schools, churches, malls, sports, concerts, restaurants, nursing homes, limited public transport, forbid gatherings of more than 10 people and sent lots of employees in the public and private sector home from work.

The Danish economy is good, and the prospects of it is not too dire, even though there will be a setback to the economy due to CoVid-19.

The country has started to reopen again, but churches are still closed, and gatherings limited. May 18 is the planned date for the re-opening of churches, with 2 metre social distancing requirements still in place.

A lot of churches and Christian organizations have started to stream teaching, sermons and worship online and some are reaching new people. Hopefully, the experience in the media mission will be helpful for the future of the Danish church. Some churches have done drive-in sermons, but Christians are longing for once again be able to pray and worship together in closer proximity.

Denmark has long been in need of a revival and awakening, and the need is still as important as ever.

Thank God for the governmental decision (and Danish society’s support) to keep funding and even increase funding and support for the most vulnerable in society (homeless, those struggling with mental illness) during this period

1) Pray that the church leaders and pastors will have wisdom to open without jeopardizing the safety of people. May 18 is the date set by the government that churches can re-open as long as they observe the 2 metre social distancing measure.

2) Pray that the Christians will see and seize the opportunity to show the love of Christ to the non-believers of Denmark.

3) Pray for Danish Christians who are missing the opportunity to gather with their fellow believers to worship and pray. Pray that Christians will see church as not a building, but everyday life, even after churches re-open.

4) Pray that the new experiences in streaming teaching, sermons and worship, will be a gift to mission in the future.

5) Pray for those who are struggling with loneliness during the social distancing regulations. A lot of Danes lives by themselves – around 1,6 millions – and their social life has been greatly affected these past two months. Only time will tell if depression, stress and other psychological problems will increase due to COVID-19.

6) Pray for all who have been isolated due to health conditions and vulnerabilities. This includes patients in isolation in the hospital – they are not allowed visits from their loved ones. It also includes the elderly, who have been isolated at nursing homes.

7) Pray that Danes will see that material things are not what life is about.

8) Pray for a revival in Denmark, where the church takes more responsibility in society and points toward Jesus Christ.