TAIWAN – Praise and Prayers

Taiwan has been the focus of much praise for its proactive and effective handling of the CoVid-19 pandemic. But there remain many prayer needs for the spiritual condition of this beautiful country full of wonderful people! This prayer content comes from UMOT, a Taiwanese mission mobilising organisation.

You can find a Chinese-English bilingual version of these prayer points HERE

1. Praise the Lord that the COVID-19 pandemic is under control in Taiwan. We thank the Lord that God gave wisdom to our government, public health and medical officials to put protective measures in place early on before it started to affect the rest of the world. We are also thankful that during the whole development of the outbreak, they have been transparent with the Taiwanese people, which has led to the peace of mind of its citizens and trust in its government.

2. Pray for the medical system and all its workers. Due to all the needs that arise out of this outbreak, medical professionals need an extra measure of strength to cope with the ever-increasing workload they have to carry each day. The instability surrounding the pandemic has also made it difficult for the medical system to predict the ever-changing set of variables that are introduced every day. Please pray for an extra measure of strength and wisdom as they face these challenges.

3. Pray for peace in the hearts of the Taiwanese people. Albeit the government’s anti-epidemic measures have given many peace of mind, fear still creeps into our hearts from time to time. Social distancing and mask-wearing in public areas have become the primary protective measure against the virus. Because of this, people don’t shake hands or embrace each other anymore, let alone have conversations. This has led to suspicion and people feeling more distant from one another. May our hearts find safety and security in His peace.

4. Pray that the church will be a conduit of peace and blessing. May the local church truly experience what it means to be the Church in this time, to live out her intended purpose and responsibility. Pray that local churches, in addition to thinking about ways to go about church service and pastoral ministry while social distancing, will invest their energy into seeing that the needs of those around them in society are also met.

5. Pray for the economy in Taiwan. Companies have adjusted themselves to comply with anti-epidemic protocols. However, there are many small businesses that are at risk of shutting down because they are not well-equipped to cope with all the changes. Many non-profits also are in the same predicament as fund-raising has become an even greater challenge. This is a time where greater faith and wisdom are needed so that negative impacts to these organizations are kept at a minimum. Pray that the Lord will impart wisdom and grace to the executives of these establishments.