MACAU – Prayer for leadership, churches, ministry, and evangelism

Prayers for Churches in Macau submitted by Macanese church and ministry leaders:

Thank you for remembering the needs of churches in Macau. Here are our prayer requests:

1. Thank God that the administration of the Macau government has been responding to the pandemic immediately and has been addressing the needs of the affected communities proactively. May the Lord grant them wisdom to support the locals continuously. Meanwhile, please keep those whose lives were heavily impacted by this outbreak in prayers. May God keep them from desperation and sickness, and may Him lead them through struggles and help them restore work and daily lives.

2. Due to pandemic controls, most evangelistic activities and Christian gatherings were either postponed or canceled, such as the Evangelistic Outreach (福音遍傳), Christian conferences of various scales, musical evangelistic outreach activities, and testimonial gatherings. However, in the midst of the chaos, people should need the gospel more than before. May the Lord let not evangelism be stopped during this difficult time.

3. Many ministry organizations in Macau are not able to continue their work. Hospital chaplaincies are restricted. Prison ministries, including Christian gathering of prisoners, are forbidden. Please pray that these groups are continued to be cared for, and that Christians among these groups can continue to live out their faith so that those around them can know God.

4. Please pray that churches would have the wisdom to provide pastoral cares, to perform care ministries, and to connect their congregations. Some churches are not able to livestream their services due to technological barriers. Most churches are anticipating to restore their on site worship at a controlled scale soon. May the Lord grant His church wisdom to overcome this difficult time.

5. Churches are finding their ways to survive this period of time. Since resources available to churches varies, we need to help each other. Please pray that churches in Macau can find ways together to live out our faith, even though resources are limited. Some churches and organizations are doing their best to provide care ministries, including collecting and passing on protective equipments and disinfectants, recruiting volunteers to provide community services, and calling to pray for healthcare workers and patients. May what we do please God. Meanwhile, pray that Christians may not only address their own needs but also care for those around them who are in need.